Recent Cases and Legal News

  • Clarke AD Decision
    Decided: December 13, 2011
    At trial, the complainant was permitted to testify about an uncharged allegation of sexual abuse committed by the defendant. The complainant could not recall when the abuse happened, but testified in detail as to what had occurred. The County Court instructed the jury that it could consider this evidence solely for the purpose of determining a lack of mistake.
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  • Mangano COA Decision
    Decided: July 2, 2003
    A city restricted on-the-street overnight parking. Residents with overnight guests could leave a message on a telephone answering machine to avert ticketing. Defendant made five calls to the answering machine to register guests, and, after providing license plate numbers, defendant rained invective on two city employees, wished them and their families ill health, and complained of their job performance, as well as tickets that defendant had received.
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