Middletown Speeding Ticket Lawyer

Middletown Speeding Ticket Lawyer

The experienced New York Middletown speeding ticket lawyer professionals at Giordano Law have proudly served the communities of Middletown, New York for more than 25 years. Their wide-ranging Middletown traffic ticket litigation experience gives them the unique ability to develop effective, affordable solutions to your Hudson River Valley traffic violation problems.

A Middletown speeding ticket lawyer at Giordano & Stern provides professional legal counsel and extensive experience in many aspects of Middletown traffic ticket litigation. Giordano Law is a trusted Middletown traffic ticket law firm with highly skilled Middletown speeding ticket lawyer professionals managing a wide variety of traffic violations. Clients will find a discrepancy in costs and fines that are coupled with traffic tickets in Middletown, usually referred to as surcharges. The variations are based on the:

  • Nature of the Traffic Violation
  • Location of the Traffic Violation
  • Accumulated Points
  • Suspensions Related to Failure to Respond
  • Suspensions Related to Default Convictions
  • Driving With a Suspended License
  • Driving With a Revoked License
  • Driver Responsibility Assessments
  • Fines
  • Civil Penalties

Middletown traffic court-related surcharges will have similar variations dependent on the court in addition to the other surcharges listed. Whether you have received a ticket for overdue parking meters, parking in a handicap zone illegally or a turn signal violation, the Middletown traffic ticket attorney can help you through the challenges of the New York point system, fines and charges and your options for responding to the violation.

Middletown Traffic Ticket Attorney

New York Point System was designed for identifying drivers with multiple traffic violations within a short window of time, like 11 points over an 18-month period. Multiple violations or offenses could result in the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) revoking your license or suspending your license while fining you with a “driver responsibility” fee of up to $100 per year for three years. Should you receive any additional points during this three year period, you will need to pay an additional $25 per point for three years. Should you receive a traffic ticket from the New York State Police, you will be provided information on your fine only after you submit a guilty or not guilty plea. When you mail a check to pay your traffic ticket, are you aware you are pleading guilty and it counts as a conviction on your record? Contact the Middletown traffic ticket attorney with Giordano Law to schedule a consultation regarding a speeding ticket, traffic violation ticket you have received.

New York Department of Motor Vehicle Point System:

  • 11 Points
    • Speeding (more than 40 MPH over posted limit)
  • 8 Points
    • Speeding (31-40 MPH over posted limit)
  • 6 Points
    • Speeding (21-30 MPH over posted limit)
  • 5 Points
    • Failing To Stop For A School Bus
    • Reckless Driving
    • Texting While Driving
  • 4 Points
    • Following Too Closely (Tailgating)
    • Inadequate Brakes
    • Speeding (11-20 MPH over posted limit): 4 points
  • 3 Points
    • Driving in Wrong Direction
    • Driving Left of Center
    • Failing To Yield Right-of-Way
    • Improper Passing
    • Leaving The Scene of an Incident Involving  Injury to a Domestic Animal
    • Leaving The Scene of an Incident Involving Property Damage
    • Railroad-Crossing Violation
    • Safety Restraint Violation Involving a Person Under 16
    • Speeding (1-10 MPH over posted limit)
    • Unsafe Lane Change
    • Violation Involving a Traffic Signal, Stop Sign, or Yield Sign
  • 2 Points
    • Any Other Moving Violation
    • Inadequate Brakes While Driving an Employer’s Vehicle

Client-Oriented Middletown Traffic Ticket Litigation

There are mandatory revocations and suspensions outside of the point system classification that can also result in the loss of your license. There are insurance companies also have a point system separate from the DMV’s point system that can increase your premiums. The insurance company reviews your record upon your insurance, and if it is determined you are a reckless driver, resulting in your insurance being cancelled. The reckless driving behavior may put you at risk in finding other insurance to cover you. It is illegal to drive without insurance and the penalties are substantial, including losing your license. And sometimes losing your license can come with the cost of losing your job. Failing to respond to your ticket will result in a suspension of your license. If cited for driving with a suspended or revoked license, the result is a fine ranging from $200 – $5,000 with jail time or probation, and possible seizure of the vehicle.

If you are convicted of:

  • Aggravated Driving While Intoxicated (Agg-DWI)
  • Driving While Ability Impaired (DWAI)
  • Driving While Ability Impaired by Drugs
  • Driving While Intoxicated (DWI)
  • DWAI-Alcohol Combined With Drugs

…or refuse to take a chemical test, there is a driver responsibility assessment fee you must pay of $250 per year for three years.

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Have you received a traffic ticket in Middletown? Has your license been wrongly suspended or revoked? In your fight to maintain your driver’s license and driving privileges, contact the Middletown traffic ticket attorney with Giordano Law. The Middletown speeding ticket lawyer counselors have experience in managing speeding tickets and traffic tickets. Make a connection today with the Middletown traffic ticket attorney. They have skills, knowledge and experience in litigating various traffic tickets.

The Middletown speeding ticket law firm’s goal is straightforward: to provide the best legal advice to their clients through quality and individually tailored services as asked for by their clients. Taking ownership with the quality of their client relationships, Giordano Law is a traffic ticket law firm you can like and trust. The speeding ticket legal team with Giordano Law is recognized for their traffic violation law in the state of New York.

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