Hudson Valley Stalking Lawyer

Hudson Valley Stalking Lawyer

The experienced New York Hudson Valley stalking attorney professionals at Giordano Law have proudly served the communities of Hudson Valley, New York for more than 25 years. The Hudson Valley stalking law firm has wide-ranging stalking experience giving them the unique ability to develop effective, affordable solutions to your Hudson Valley stalking concerns and questions.

Stalking is defined as an obsessive or unwanted attention by a group or individual with regard to another individual. Stalking has a civil and criminal component. Beyond the following of a victim in person, stalking behaviors can also include harassment and intimidation.

Contingent on facts of a stalking case, a stalker can also be charged with other crimes:

  • Breaking and Entering (B&E)
  • Intimidation of a Witness
  • Trespass

Degrees of stalking

  • Fourth Degree
    •  A Class B Misdemeanor
  • Third Degree
    • A Class A Misdemeanor
  • Second Degree
    • A Class E Felony
  • First Degree
    • A Class D Felony

Types of Stalkers:

  • Rejected Stalkers
  • Resentful Stalkers
  • Intimacy Seekers
  • Incompetent Suiters
  • Predatory Stalkers
  • Vengeance / Terrorist Stalker
  • Cyberstalker
  • Erotomania and Morbidly Infatuated
  • Love Obsession Stalkers
  • Simple Obsession Stalkers

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