Westchester County Felony Lawyer

Westchester County Felony Lawyer

The experienced New York Westchester County felony attorney professionals at Giordano Law have proudly served the communities of Westchester County, New York for more than 25 years. Their wide-ranging Westchester County felony law firm has experience that gives them the unique ability to develop effective, affordable solutions to your Westchester County felony litigation questions and concerns.

Felonies are a more serious charge than misdemeanors in Hudson River Valley, with two types of felony sentences in New York:

  • Determinate
    • A Set Period of Years, Not A Range Of Years
    • Imposed For Prior Conviction of Violent Felony
    • Imposed For Felonies Involving Drug Offenses
    • A Range of Minimum / Maximum Incarceration Periods for Drug Felony Or Violent Felony:
      • With No Prior Offenses:
        • Class B Felony: 5 To 25 Years
        • Class C Felony: 3.5 To 15 Years
        • Class D Felony: 2 To 7 Years
        • Class E Felony: 1.5 To 4 Years
    • With One Prior Offense:
      • Class B Felony: 10 To 25 Years
      • Class C Felony: 7 To 15 Years
      • Class D Felony: 5To 7 Years
      • Class D Felony: 4 Years, At Least
  • Indeterminate
    • Issued For Non-Violent Felonies
    • A Range of Minimum / Maximum Incarceration Periods:
      • Class A-I Felony – Minimum of Between 15 and 40 Years And Up To A Life Sentence
      • Class A-II Felony: Minimum of Between 3 to 8 Years and Up To A Life Sentence
      • Class B Felony: Minimum of Between 1Year to 1/3 Of The Maximum Sentence Given And Up To 25 Years
      • Class C Felony: Minimum Of 1 Year And Up to 15 Years
      • Class D Felony: Minimum Of Up To 7 Years With A Minimum Of 1 Year
      • Class E Felony: Minimum Of 1Year With Up To 4 Years

Experienced Westchester County Felony Attorney

In New York, an individual charged with a felony can also receive:

  • Life In Prison Without Parole
  • Fines
  • Drug Felony Fines

It does not matter the type of felony you may be involved with or in the manner for which you are involved. The Westchester County felony lawyer professionals with the Westchester County law firm of Giordano Law have the experience and knowledge to represent your case. The Westchester County felony attorney counselors are available to deliver unparalleled felony legal advice in an efficient and effective manner.

All Westchester County New York felonies offenses are numerous and are assigned under different classifications:

  • Class A-1
  • Class A-2
  • Class B – Violent
  • Class B – Non-Violent
  • Class C – Violent
  • Class C – Non-Violent
  • Class D – Violent
  • Class D – Non-Violent
  • Class E – Violent
  • Class E – Non-Violent

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Contact a proven Westchester County felony litigator at Giordano Law. The Westchester County felony lawyers have experience in managing Westchester County felony litigation. Make a connection today with the Westchester County felony law firm. They have skills, knowledge and experience in Westchester County felony litigation. The Westchester County felony law firm’s goal is straightforward: to provide the best legal advice to their clients through quality and individually tailored services as asked for by their clients.

Taking ownership with the quality of their client relationships, Giordano Law is a Westchester County felony law firm you can like and trust. The Westchester County felony lawyer group at Giordano Law is recognized for their felony representation in the state of New York.

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