Westchester County Criminal Appeals Lawyer

Westchester County Criminal Appeal Lawyer

The knowledgeable and experienced Westchester County criminal appeal New York attorney professionals at Giordano Law have proudly served the communities of Westchester County, New York for more than 25 years in criminal appeals. Their wide-ranging criminal appeal experience gives them the unique ability to develop effective, affordable solutions to their criminal appeal questions and cases. There is a talent to being a good Westchester County criminal appeal attorney in as much as it is a technical skill with irreplaceable experience. This talent, skill and experience are within the law practice of Giordano Law.

Experienced Westchester County Criminal Appeal Attorney

There are potential issues for an appeal that are considered with the Westchester County criminal appeal lawyer professionals with Giordano Law:

  • Double Jeopardy
  • Effective Counsel Received
  • Evidence of Uncharged Criminal Acts
  • Harsh and Excessive Sentence
  • Improper Communications between
    • Jurors
    • Witnesses
    • Counsel
  • Improper Jury Conduct
  • Use of Experiments
    • Drug Abuse
    • Alcohol Abuse
  • Improperly Admitted Evidence
  • Inadequate Legal Representation
  • Incorrect Jury Instructions
  • Judge’s Discretionary Abuse
  • Lack of Sufficient Evidence
  • Proper Indictment
  • Rosario Material Not Turned Over from the People
  • Sufficient Evidence
  • Violation of Brady v. Maryland

Human error happens and mistakes are made that can result in an individual being wrongly convicted of a crime they did not commit. With the advances of today’s forensic science and DNA testing, evidence is showing an increase in the numbers of individuals convicted of a crime who were wrongly convicted. This science has also added to an increase in individuals requesting appeals on their convictions.

The criminal justice system is not just a way to protect the general public from criminal offenders. It is also to protect the falsely accused of a crime and to safeguard their rights. In the United States, all persons have constitutional rights:

  • Freedom From False Arrests
  • Freedom From Illegal Search and Seizure
  • Right To An Attorney
  • Right To Confront the Accuser
  • Right To Due Process
  • Right To a Speedy Trial
  • Right Not To Be Charged Twice With The Same Crime On The Same Charge
  • Right Not To Testify Against Yourself

Proven Westchester County Criminal Appeal Law Firm

An appeal is where the appellate court reviews the record of the lower court to conclude there were sufficient grounds to grant the appeal; it is not a retrial of a case. In most jurisdictions, the appeal can only be heard with permission granted to proceed by the appellate court. If a New York state court finds a defendant guilty and convicted, it can be appealed to an intermediate level with the appellate court of New York. In New York, the highest court is the New York State Court of Appeals and the New York State Supreme Court is a trial court.

When an appeal is won, it does not mean the case is dismissed. When an appeal has been granted, the case is returned to the trial court for a new trial to try the case over. The experience of a Westchester County criminal appeal lawyer works with their clients through each step of the criminal appeal process. A successful Westchester County criminal appeal lawyer has unique skills for persuasive communications for their client’s criminal appeal case.

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