Anthony Giordano, Esq.


Anthony Giordano took the NYC Firefighter’s exam his last year at college and was called in 1983, a member of the class having the first women firefighters in NYC history. After passing the New York State Bar Exam, he worked a number of years as both a NYC Firefighter and as an associate in a law firm specializing in intellectual properties litigation. After several years, he resigned from the Fire Department to focus exclusively on the law. He was offered and accepted a position as an assistant District Attorney under Stephen Lungen in Sullivan County and served four years with distinction, trying cases ranging from simple traffic matters to violent felonies. It was as an assistant District Attorney in Sullivan County that he gained significant criminal appellate experience. Anthony left the District Attorney’s office, accepting a position as an associate attorney with the law firm of McGuirk, Levinson, Zeccola, Seaman, Reineke and Ornstein, PC, where he developed an expertise in personal injury and family court matters as well as heading the firm’s criminal defense practice. He also successfully defended, on appeal, a number of million dollar personal injury verdicts obtained by the firm. Anthony then joined the personal injury firm of Finkelstein, Levine, Gittlesohn & Tettenbaum, to further his expertise in representing people suffering personal injuries whether from automobile accidents or product liability. As a solo practitioner for 12 years, Anthony’s practice included successfully defending clients charged with felonies, misdemeanors and/or infractions. He also has obtained significant personal injury settlements and trial verdicts. He has earned a reputation throughout the legal community as an aggressive and skilled trial lawyer. He attended SUNY at Albany and St. John’s School of Law.


Matters of Interest

  • People v Ferkins- successfully got affirmed in the Appellate Division, Third Department, the conviction of a suspected serial killer convicted of murdering a 13 year old girl at her home, gaining admittance to the home under the pretense of being a Jehovah Witness.
  • People v Mangano, succesfully argued in the NYS Court of Appeals, resulting in a conviction under NYS’s aggravated harassment law being reversed and the charges dismissed based upon the law’s enforcement being in violation of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  Ms Mangano was charged with leaving harassing messages on a tape recording device maintained by the Village of Ossining.  The Court found the messages protected by the First Amendment.  The Village was later sued by Ms. Mangano and obtained a monetary settlement.
  • International Olympic Committee v Triglobal, successfully overturned a lifetime ban imposed by the IOC before the Court of Arbitration for Sports. The client had been accused of improperly using medical positions with access to the games as a means to reward individual contributors. The CAS found the lifetime ban a punishment far in excess of the charge and reduced it to a two year ban.
  • People v Chadeayne- successfully defended a motor vehicle operator of a charge of vehicular homicide in an accident.
  • People v Clarke- successfully defended a defendant charged with sexually assaulting his 11 year old stepdaughter. The accusation was made 10 years later and during the middle of a nasty divorce between the defendant and the accuser’s mother. Despite the passage of time and the lack of corroborating evidence, the case was indicted and Clarke was convicted by a jury and sentenced to 5 years. It was then that he changed lawyers and hired Mr. Giordano to handle his appeal. Clarke was able to post bail pending the appeal and the conviction was overturned. Clarke then asked Mr. Giordano to handle the new trial and he was acquitted by a jury.